Mario Mystery Box Review Quiz G3/G4 ES

Mario themed mystery box end of year review quiz for grade 3 or 4 ES.

It's a end of year review quiz suitable for grade 3 or 4 ES. It's got some funny/cute pictures. I've done this with 4 classes now, and they all enjoyed it.

Credit for the original file from Thank you so much! I really like this website.

I made some changes;
I added a slide with Mario characters so kids can choose their team name.
I removed some question slides so there is only A-Z number of questions.
I changed the points to be simpler, smaller numbers and less varied outcomes (now it's usually just + or - points). I found the original point system made some kids too sad when they lost as it was too much random luck.

The questions are based off the Let's Try! textbooks.

How to play;
A student/team chooses a letter and answers the corresponding question. I ask the students to say the letter and a word that starts with that letter ("A, apple!, M, Mario!"). Then click/tap on that letter box.
If they get it correct, they go to a mystery box page, or not correct the red X back to the A-Z questions page. Sometimes I give them a time limit on answering the questions.
What's in the mystery box can be good or bad.
The student/team chooses to keep the box and its contents for themselves or give it to another team.
The teacher then reveals the prize in the mystery box and what the student/team gets.
The student/team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Note; You can just ignore the fonts pop up box when you download the PPT. The original file had some unique fonts.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Mario Mystery Box G3 or 4 Review Quiz.pptx (16.8 MB)
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    Submitted by nkeyalt March 8, 2023 Estimated time: 30 minutes
    1. tami101 March 9, 2023

      Great review quiz game for the younger grades!!

    2. miamiamira March 9, 2023

      Nice! Thank for this.

    3. mistaB March 13, 2023

      Thanks, this is amazing!

    4. Ben1987 March 16, 2023

      Awesome, used this today as a wrap up to the end of year lesson with Grade 4.
      Before the game I told them that I need full sentences for the answer. "I like ~ .", not just whatever the answer. They had to think carefully before answering which was great.

    5. sakura23 March 17, 2023

      This is so cute! I'd like to try it in my ES classes but some of the fonts don't show up on my computer.

    6. nkeyalt March 17, 2023

      @sakura23 Thank you! As mentioned, you can just ignore the fonts pop up box when you download the PPT. The original file had some unique fonts but I haven't used them in my version. If you want to go to the original source website you can download her special fonts there but I wanted to keep the file size small so just formatted it with the built in PPT ones.

    7. doughn0tdisturb February 26, 2024

      This is a great alternative to the Monster hunter review game I usually do. It's similar to this game but there's no option to go back to the main page and retain the letter/question. What I love the most with this is you can give the points. Suggestion on how to play. I make up to 6 groups. HRT/ALT reads the question then groups have 10 seconds to think about the answer. This will keep the students on their toes.

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