Directions Board Game

Two player PC game. One player "rolls" and says the directions for the other player to move. If "Stop" is rolled, they swap. Gain or lose points depending on where you land!

Submitted by Matthew

March 3, 2023

Estimated time: 10 mins to as long as you like.

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 2 page 30
  • New Horizon Elementary 5 page 46
  • The original analogue version of this is a game that I found a few years ago.
    My apologies I cannot find the original, let me know if you do so I can link it!

    In that version the students used a dice and tokens to move around the board.
    One player is the roller, they roll the dice and give the appropriate instructions;
    Go straight, turn right, turn left or stop.
    The moving player listens to the instructions and moves their token appropriately.
    If stop is rolled then the players switch roles.

    It is a great game that I recommend for any directions based lesson.

    I have taken this concept and done my best to implement it on a website for use on students PCs.
    This has the added benefit of less prep time, and the loss of paper dice, which I have gone through a lot of in the past!

    The "rolling" student clicks the roll button (or the Space/Enter) key and gives the instructions, the moving student can use the arrow keys or the buttons on their side of the screen to move their player.

    If you move into a "hole" (the black squares) then it is minus 2 points. Chests are plus 3.

    Set a timer and play!

    Can be used as a class activity, but works best in pairs.
    However, as with the analogue version you do need to be mindful of the students not using the required English to play!
    Make it a clear rule and monitor the class!

    Find it here;


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