Super Typhoon Game (PPT)

A Nintendo-ified spin on the popular ESL game, Typhoon.

Super Typhoon Game is a jeopardy style review game with a twist. Instead of competing for points, teams will answer questions to unlock mystery items.


  1. Divide you class into three teams: 1. Team Yoshi, 2. Team Mario, and 3. Team Bowser
  2. Give each Team a white board to write down their answers.
  3. Team Yoshi will go first by selecting a question.
  4. All Teams will write down their answer on the white board.
  5. If team Yoshi answers correctly, they will get a mystery item. (if they answer incorrect, allow another team to steal)
  6. Mystery Items include: 1. Gold Coin (+1), 2. Poison Mushroom (Lose all Points), 3. Green Tunnel (Swap Points), 4. Rice Ball (Double Points).
  7. Next it is Team Mario's Turn.
  8. Repeat steps 2-6 following the same rules.
  9. Continue until all questions have been asked or time has expired.

For a youtube tutorial:
To download Super Typhoon Game for free, click here:
Happy Teaching!

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    Submitted by SuperPPTGames March 5, 2023 Estimated time: 30 Minutes

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