Comparative Survival Game (Trivia)

A simple survival game using various trivia questions.

All students stand up. The students can either read the question, or the ALT can read it aloud, depending on their level. After students understand the question, they must make a choice (A, B, or C). If they are correct, they stay standing. If they are incorrect, they must sit down. Continue with the questions until 1 student remains, who is then crowned the winner.

I tend to have students read the question aloud, then ask them "Who thinks A?" while getting them to raise their hands to choose. It keeps them honest. I also play multiple rounds if we have a winner before the PowerPoint ends. Try to be cognizant of students who are out of the game early on, and get them to continue participating and even continue guessing despite being out.

I like to use this activity to get students talking and thinking about various subjects, using the comparatives covered in Unit 6, page 85 of New Horizon 2. The unit teaches comparatives using movies, geography, anime, and animals, so this PowerPoint continues that trend.

Please let me know how this went over in class! I used it in Google Slides, but it should be fine in PowerPoint.

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    Submitted by JayTyler April 27, 2023 Estimated time: 15 minutes
    1. Sean1112 April 28, 2023

      This is great! Always good to find a new way to spice up the lessons on comparatives:)

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