If~ (Second Conditional)

This is a speaking activity followed by a writing practice.

DISCLAIMER: This activity is inspired by something I read from here (ALTOPEDIA) but just forgotten who posted it. But I'd like to credit him/her for this idea. I made my own version of the game. Most probably fonts will change, so please try to check the font style before using or it may be auto layout by whatever font style available on your PC.

  1. Do a little intro of the game by asking if they do know Peter Rabbit. Then, proceed to a short storytelling (they're all in the slides).
  2. Show some examples.
  3. To start the game, group the students with 3 or 4 members each group.
  4. Let them decide their order by doing janken.
  5. Ask all students #1 per group as the first players.
  6. The mechanics are simple, complete the sentence with an idea and if it makes sense, let them pick one carrot by telling carrot number. Each carrot has a corresponding point.
  7. I usually ask my JTE to help me call out the fastest student to raise a hand to answer. And also write the scores on the board.
  8. Keep the same question/sentence until a carrot chosen shows Mr. McGregor. Then, the round is over.
  9. Proceed to the next sentence/round and do the same procedures. Ask the next students and so on.
  10. Group with the highest score wins.
  11. I usually allot at least 7-10 minutes for the writing practice after the game.
  12. Good luck and please comment below how did it go with your class.
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    Submitted by ronjacob5258 May 12, 2023 Estimated time: I managed to use 50 minutes for these activities.

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