Bunch of Brain Puzzles

Students work together to figure out the answers!

Submitted by xxjanism

May 15, 2023

Inspired by: Bunch of Fun Riddles

Estimated time: Varies. 5-10 min warm-up or 40-50 min for the entire presentation.

Thank you @HeyItsMori for the inspiration (:

There are 4 types of puzzles:
1. Answer the Question
2. Eye Test
3. Word Math
4. Tongue Twister/ Tied

Have the students break into groups.
About 1m to 2m per question depending on difficulty.
Groups can answer by:
- Using board and markers. Everyone raises board at the same time when time is up.
- Write answer on the worksheet. Leader comes to the front to show ALT or JTE.

Do a run-through so you know when to stop before the answers show.
The brains on the bottom right corner of the questions will take you to the slide for students to pick from.
The brain next to the word "choose a brain puzzle" will take you to the last "Good Job" slide for when you finish the lesson (:
To make it more difficult you can ask students to:
- write out numbers
- give answers in full sentences

Please let me know if you have any other fun puzzle ideas.
Ran out of things at the end and thus included the shiritori and category games at the end!

Small files
  • BRAIN PUZZLES Answer worksheet.docx (48.8 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Brain Puzzles.pptx (16.4 MB)
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    1. Nisemono May 16, 2023

      this looks like a ton of fun. excited to use this with my special support classes. thank you for sharing!

    2. HeyItsMori May 26, 2023

      Looks so fun! I also love how you made the Powerpoint. The visuals are great. Thank you for sharing!

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