If you... Game

An action game to help students understand conditional "If" sentences while having fun!

Disclaimer/Credits: I took the idea from @Englipedia Archive and made my own version (although similar)

1) There is a sheet with 52 "If you.." sentences. The back has all of the meanings in Japanese to help the students.
2) There is a deck of printable action cards. You can print, laminate, and cut them.
3) There are also printable numbers 1~52, but you can also write it by hand instead.


-Hand out the sentence sheet to the students.
-Have the numbers 1~52 cut up and in a bag. Go around the room to each students for every round so every student gets a chance to draw a number.
-Whatever number is drawn, look at th corresponding sentence on the sheet and read it out loud to the class. The students whom it applies to will stand up.
-The JTE will draw one action card each time, and read it to the class.
-The students standing up will do the action. If they do the action, they get 1 point. (they should keep track of their points at the bottom of their sentence sheet).

For example, a student draws the number 3. "If you have a dog..."
Students who have a dog will stand up. The JTE draws the action card that says "stand up" - That means, they will stand for the rest of the game unless they are told to sit down in another round or something. It's fun to see how crazy/out-of-order the classroom becomes throughout the game!

*Note: Some cards say Ms. Star, which is my name, so you can edit your own name there.
*You will most-likely have to demonstrate the meaning of the actions

Submitted by Celestar129 May 16, 2023 Estimated time: 15-40 minutes (varies depending on when you want to stop)
Inspired by If Game
  1. sgtheALT May 16, 2023

    Sounds fun, I just have a question. If each student draws a number, how do you choose a number/student to read their "if" command out of all the options? Is it volunteer based?

  2. Celestar129 May 18, 2023

    @sgtheALT I just went to students randomly or had them raise their hand if they want to draw a number. But you could also go in order down the rows! It's up to you!

  3. sgtheALT May 19, 2023

    Thank you @Celestar! Looking forward to trying it

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