Hello. I like sushi.

Simple self-intro worksheets for students in elementary or lower level JHS.

ALT or JTE will demonstrate the sentences to be used. Students must complete the information (name, where they are from). This is to practice vocabulary words. They can choose from the categories on the worksheet. They have to walk around the classroom and introduce themselves to at least 3-5 students.

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  • I like food, sports etc.pdf (496 KB)
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    Submitted by esceehxxi May 29, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 mins
    1. Gaijingaiden May 29, 2023

      I suggest using a different font such as Arial. The current one causes periods to float at the end of the sentences.

    2. KobeALT May 29, 2023

      Cute worksheet! I like the animal pictures.

      The font is the same font used in textbooks, is it not? Arial is not a Japanese learner friendly font as it uses this style "a" that is confusing for students.

    3. ChetBorneo May 29, 2023

      Yes, this is the actual New Horizon font - NHHandwriting

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