Students guess first row students' answers using telepathy!

Based on a variety show game.

-Something for students to write on (I use tablets, but whiteboards or notebooks can also be used.)

・Students form groups based on columns. (For small classes, 3-4 ss per column works.)
・Show students the demonstration slide. Hopefully this is visual enough to be self-explanatory but I would demo with the practice slide.
・On the practice slide, there are two cards on the trees. The green one leads you to 2nd year's when/if sentences, whereas the blue spades leads
to 3rd year's ~makes... sentences.
・Show the example of how the sentences will look on the practice slide.
・Explain that the other students have to use telepathy to guess the first row students' answers and if they each manage to guess correctly for their
team, they each get a point.
・After the let's start slide, the sentences appear with blanks that are filled with the category name.
・Setting a minute, I make sure the first row wrote their answer and check on the other ss if they look like they need help.
・Once the minute is up, I go to each student from ex. A team, and then ask the first row A team member to reveal their answer.
・I count how many got it right, and write it on the board.
・Repeat the same step for the following teams.

Feel free to add or subtract slides according to your class.

For my 3rd years, I didn't stress how correctly they wrote their answers as much as how they read the whole sentence. For example, A team's Asami wrote "Ramen" for her answer, so the other team members would say "Ramen makes Asami happy", or "Parfait makes Asami happy". Then Asami would say her answer at the end, "Ramen makes me happy."
For 2nd years, the sentences were too long, so I just had A team say their answers and then Asami would say her answer following the sentence, "When I'm hungry, I eat Ramen."

Look at the comments below for more tips to follow and do not hesitate to add your own!

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    Submitted by hotokeki May 30, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20 min.
    1. wongmm June 2, 2023

      Thank you for sharing this game! I tried it with my 2nd years this week, and they loved it. A few small tweaks that helped me:
      - Gave students in "hot seat" white boards, had them write the entire sentence, and also read entire sentence when revealing their answers. My JTE wanted the class to practice their reading and writing skills in this lesson, so it worked out well this way. We rotated the students after each question, so everyone had a chance to be in the "hot seat".
      - Cut used paper (paper that were printed on one side already, A4 paper cut into fours) to give to the rest of the students not in the "hot seat" (5-8 sheets per student, depending on time). They only had to write one word ("hot seat" student's answer).
      - After I gave the class 1m-1m30s to write their respective answers, a "hot seat" student reads their sentence, my JTE counts how many papers had the same answer, and I record points on the blackboard. Repeat until all teams have gone. Each round took 4-5m.

    2. wongmm June 2, 2023

      One last thing, with each new round/question, I had the entire class read the sentence together and then check the meaning, so everyone was on the same page.
      Thanks again for this game! : )

    3. Listener June 12, 2023

      Nicely made! Those are columns though, not rows.

    4. hotokeki June 16, 2023

      @Wongmm Thank you for sharing tips! I definitely feel your instructions are far more detailed so I will mention in the description for people to check out the comments!

      @Listener Thanks! and lol, I'm aware! I was debating whether to properly label it, but my JTE has always referred to columns as rows for the kids so there was no way I was going to kick up that can of worms xD

    5. kaitlinjeanne October 4, 2023

      Love this! Very detailed and looks very pretty. I'll be using this with my 3rd years tomorrow!

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