Sugoroku: ES Y-3: What Do You Like?

Target students: Elementary 3rd graders and 4th graders. It's also relevant for special needs kids. Students can play this game to practice "What do you like?" and "I like ~~~~".

This sugoroku is designed for group/team activity. Students will use a dice to get random numbers and move up from the starting point. Each time a student rolls a dice the group members will ask "What do you like?". Depending on the number got from the dice, the student would move forward and place the marker/eraser. The student would also have to say "I like ~~~~" corresponding to the picture where his/her marker stops. Students will carry on in rounds until everyone reaches the finishing line. If anyone stops on a box with 'bomb', they have to start over. Three boxes are marked FREE which means students can say whatever they like instead of the preset picture card.

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    Submitted by Ahasan Ikbal September 12, 2023 Estimated time: 10 - 15 minutes
    Inspired by Verb Sugoroku (JHS)
    1. crisxselda September 12, 2023

      Hello. Nice looking board game. The name of this game is "sugoroku" in Japanese, [すごろく]. Also, the Japanese translation of the question should be, "何がすきですか。" without the "え”. Thank you for your hard work.

    2. Minet Minutes September 13, 2023

      Hello.Thank you for this nice board game.Can you post also the editable data of this?Thank you in advance.

    3. Ahasan Ikbal September 13, 2023

      Hello. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes. This is my first submission, so your suggestions would definitely help me improve. I updated the Japanese typo and added the doc file for anyone to edit. Thank you!

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