Halloween Games and Activities

Here is a set of six games you can play with your class. I am a SHS ALT at a low level high school so these games were made with that in mind.

I borrowed some work from fellow ALTs in my prefecture, so huge shoutout to them!

It's a large file with a lot of gifs so you can copy the presentation here:


Halloween Janken
-Everyone gets _____ cards. (You can decide the number of cards based on the number of students and the level of interest.)
-Stand up, walk around, and Janken.
-Winner says “Who are you?”
-Loser says “I’m a ________” and gives the card to the winner.
-Student(s) with the most cards wins!

Halloween Pictionary
-Students come to the board. You can make groups however you see fit.
-Show them a sentence (there's a bunch on the presentation)
-Students should draw the sentence.
-Best drawing wins a point.
-The team with the most points wins!

Alphabet Game
-Make teams. One person from each team will come to the board.
-Call out a letter.
-Write as many words as you can related to Halloween that start with that letter.
-Each word wins a point.
-The team with the most points wins!

Guess Who?
-Make pairs or groups of 3.
-Students will be given cards. (the cards can be found in the presentation, they are linked)
-Each person chooses one card. DON’T LET ANYONE SEE IT!
-Ask each other questions IN ENGLISH.
-The person who guesses the correct card wins the card.
-Keep going until you finish the pile.
-The person with the most cards wins!

Make a Monster!
-Roll a die. Fill in the boxes with the numbers.
-The number on the die will tell you how many eyes, hands, and feet your monster will have.
-The number you roll for the “extra” category will tell you which extra part your monster will have.
-After you write all your numbers, draw your monster!

VAMPIRE HUNT: this is a version of the "Mafia" game. The rules are on the slides.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with accessing anything!

Small files
  • Make a Monster Worksheet.docx (339 KB)
  • Halloween Vocab Flashcards (Print 16 pages per sheet).pptx (519 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Halloween Games and Activities!.pptx (19.7 MB)
  • Vampire Hunt Worksheet.docx (6.64 MB)
  • Vampire Hunt Cards (Print 16 pages per sheet).pptx (1.01 MB)
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    Submitted by mmakuniru October 20, 2023 Estimated time: Entire class period
    1. TheBlueStuff October 23, 2023

      Theres no presentation or attatchment

    2. mmakuniru October 23, 2023

      You can find it on google drive! The link is at the top but here it is again:

    3. domespayosjr06 October 23, 2023

      Thank you.

    4. cnakashima18 October 26, 2023

      How big are your classes? Vampire hunt looks really fun, but I'm worried about how to run the game with a large class (40 students). Especially since I don't think you can break them into groups for that game, right?

    5. mmakuniru October 26, 2023

      Usually my largest class size is 24 students but it might work with a class of 40 if you double the character cards. I'm not sure groups make sense for this game but maybe make sure the vampires are spread out around the class so that students can hear activity around them? Please let me know if you try the activity!

    6. cnakashima18 October 26, 2023

      Thanks for the reply! 24 students definitely seems more manageable. I'm bouncing around a couple ideas for my Halloween lesson, but I'll definitely let you know if I try this activity!

    7. mmakuniru October 27, 2023

      @cnakashima18: I had a combined class today with 36 students. I made more cards and we played the game as usual EXCEPT that when it came time to vote, only half the class would vote to save time. We would alternate which side of the class voted each time. It worked pretty well!

    8. pallet1031 October 30, 2023

      Wow this is really good! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

    9. biscuitface February 7, 2024

      Sounds like a fun game! I want to give it a try with my students. I'm just curious about one thing though... what do the exiled characters and vampire attack victims do while the game progresses without them? They sit and watch in silence?

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