Pikachu Directional Vocabulary / Drawing Activity

3 part directional vocab exercise!

  1. Start by giving the students the vocab sheet.
  2. I go over the new vocab with them then I get them to quiz each other on the new vocab.

  3. Do the "Where is Pikachu" powerpoint
    -I got all my students to stand up and told them they could only sit down if they answered one of the questions
    -When a student answers the question correction I told them they could choose only ONE person who is beside them to sit down with them (i.e front, left, right, behind)

  4. Do directional vocab drawing activity
    -After you finish the PP get students to make pairs and move their desks so they are facing each other.
    -All students sitting on the left side are the drawers
    -All the students sitting on the right side are explainers
    -The explainers must look at the picture and describe to the drawers what is on the paper using English and the new vocabulary.
    -Explainers can not show the reference picture to the drawers.

    -Explain that they must use English only and tell them not to use any Japanese.

  5. Once everyone is done they the explainers can show the drawers the reference photos and they can see how accurate the drawing is!

  6. With the remaining class time have students create sentences based on the reference photo! (They can work in pairs since there should be only one photo per two people)

Small files
  • Positional Vocabulary.pdf (128 KB)
  • Picture (1).pdf (182 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Pikachu Directions (1).pptx (2.09 MB)
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