Thanksgiving Don't Pop the Balloon (google slides)

An American Thanksgiving themed, team-based review game

This was inspired by @HolliAnderson's activity of the same name. However, I can't use Microsoft Office or Office Online, so I made my own version on Google Slides.

I use this with my rowdy, tech high school first years, and they seemed to really enjoy it!

This presentation focuses mostly on modal verbs (can, must, should, will) and present-continuous tense. Feel free to edit it to suit your own review points!

Slides Link:


Optional prep work: Create origami paper balloons of different colors or patterns that you can blow up and crush and re-use. I suppose real balloons are also an option, but I can't imagine they would be very practical in a larger classroom or with multiple classes in a day.

  1. Introduce the concept of American Thanksgiving and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with the first few slides. I included some vocabulary and a short video of 2022's best balloons.

  2. Split the class into teams. My classes are usually 40 students split into six teams.

  3. Give each team one whiteboard, marker, and eraser.

  4. Set the paper balloons on the podium, one for each team.

  5. All of the teams will answer the same question at the same time. The team members will take turns answering. Have them janken to decide who will answer the first question and decide the order.

  6. Explain the rules:
    -- Each team starts with 20 points.
    -- Write the correct English sentence on the whiteboard. Everyone will hold it up when I say "go".
    -- The teams with the correct sentences are safe!
    -- The teams who still have mistakes are NOT SAFE. They must choose one of the balloons on the screen.
    -- Behind the balloons is a number. Subtract that number from the team's total points.
    -- When the team reaches zero points, they lose and their balloon gets "popped"!

Slide Navigation

  • Click on the TEXT to show the correct answer.
  • Click on the BALLOONS to reveal a number. Be careful not to click on the space between the balloons as that may reveal a different number than you intended!
  • Click on the TURKEY to take you to the next question.
  • Click on the PILGRIM HAT to take you to the previous question.
Submitted by razzmactazz November 13, 2023 Estimated time: 40 - 50 mins
  1. Evavv November 21, 2023

    I used this ppt for a combined JHS class this week and it went amazing! This is a great ppt!

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