Shapes Collection of Activities

based on Let's Try 1 textbook, ES 3nensei, Unit 7 pages 26-29 Lesson Plan for 4 weeks, worksheets, materials I will try to update this as we go along this lesson

See Lesson Plan file for detailed list of activities per week.
It also includes time allowance for textbook activities (Watch and Listen, etc.)

Warm Up Youtube songs:
a. Pinkfong Dance with Shapes - students can dance along
b. Pinkfong Shapes are all around

Week 1 Activities for Name Recall/Shape Recognition:
a. Form the Shape:
- give 2 rubber bands per student
- teacher says a shape and shows the shape flashcard, students form the shape with their rubber bands and fingers
- students can get creative on how to form the heart and star shape (you can google how to form this if you don't know)
- Level 2: teacher says the shape (no more flashcard)

b. Shape Hunt and Draw:
- print the Drawing Shapes in Everyday Objects Worksheet, 1 per student
- teacher says the shape name, students to find objects in the classroom, or think of other objects, with that shape, and draw it. Example: circle = soccer ball, clock

c. Memory Game / Matching Card Game:
- print the Shapes Flashcards, 2 copies, and cover the back with cardboard to make it less transparent.
- arrange the 2 sets of cards on the board, face down.
- students go to the front and pick 2 cards. Everyone must say the name of the shapes.
- students must find the matching pair of cards during their turn.
- option: while waiting for their turn and watching, ask other students to cut the shapes flashcards at the back of the textbook to save on time and keep them engaged.

Week 2 Activities for Name Recall/Shape Recognition:
a. Bring Me / Karuta Game:
- students to cut the shapes flashcards at the back of the textbook, and place all cards in their desk.
- If Karuta, divide the class into pairs
- Teacher says an English shape, and students either raise the card in the air, or if Karuta, touch the card faster than their classmate.
- Level 2: teacher says a color and shape. (example: green star)

b. Find the Shape Coloring Activity:
- print the Find the Shape Coloring Worksheet, 1 per student
- students to listen to the shape spoken by the teacher, draw the shape in the air, and find the same shape in the worksheet, and count the number of same shapes.
- Optional: write the English number on the bottom.
- Teacher can instruct students to color the same shape in 1 English color, or instruct students to color as they like. But the important step is to have students identify the shape from the English name given.
- Alternative mechanic: students color the worksheet as they like, then one by one, the teacher quizzes them by pointing to a shape and students have to give the english name of the shape.

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