Year-end or Graduation Board Game

A year-end or graduation-themed board game for high schoolers to reflect on their school life.

This game is inspired by (and taken directly from) user badartist's Christmas Board Game. I simply changed the theme, edited the questions, and added what is probably way too many Irasutoya pictures. I also edited some of badartist's original illustrations to fit the theme, so I hope I didn't butcher them too badly.

Please refer to the original game for instructions:

One thing to note is that I used my school's logo for some of the spots on the board game. So as to not dox myself I put in a generic school logo, and you can replace the image with your own school's logo to personalize it more.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • End of Year Graduation Board Game.pptx (6.69 MB)
  • End of Year Graduation Board Game.pdf (2.29 MB)
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    Submitted by hall1428 January 22, 2024 Estimated time: 45 minutes
    1. agrasso January 25, 2024

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank!
      Dude it's perfect, was drawing a blank on board game ideas!!! My Jte wanted me to make a game!!! the more pictures the better!!!!

    2. kuhlista February 29, 2024

      Super awesome!! You've saved me so much time on a last minute activity request, super easy to switch up a few questions to tailor it to JHS students too!

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