Shapes and Colors T-shirt ( Let's Try1!) Unit 7

An activity designed to help elementary school students grade 3 practice colors and shapes.

Before doing this activity students must already be familiar with colors and shapes.

Teacher makes copies of the T-shirt template and hands them out to the students.
(B4 size or larger is recommended. A4 size is ok too, but it could be a little small for the students to draw on).
Teacher opens the power point and displays it on the big screen.

How to do the activity.
It's pretty simple.
(Teacher opens the fist slide)
Students ask all together: What do you want?
Teacher says: I want hearts.
(Teacher opens the second slide)
Students ask: What color?
Teacher says: Pink please. (students hold their pink color pencil).
(Teacher opens the third slide)
Students ask: How many?
Teacher says: 1 please. (or 1 big pink heart please).
Students try to draw 1 big pink heart on the first T-shirt.
Count to 10 very slowly then...
(Teacher opens the forth slide)
to reveal the answer.
Move to the next slide.

It starts pretty easy and slowly gets a little more difficult. At that time you could give the studets some hints like, small, big, up left, up right, down left, down right, center etc...
You could also avoid giving hints, and plays it as a guessing game to see if the students can guess the teacher's T-shirts designs.

Submitted by Aurelio Mizukami January 29, 2024 Estimated time: 35 to 45min.
  1. melaniesensei February 8, 2024

    Thanks for this, my students and I enjoyed it!! For the last 5 minutes of class I also let them try in pairs which was a little tricky at first but then they got the hang of it, and were able to make their pair's requested design! :D

  2. Aurelio Mizukami February 9, 2024

    @melaniesensei, I'm glad that your students and you enjoyed it. It sounds really interesting the pair work thing you did. I want to try that too. Sounds really fun. Thanks for sharing.

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