Connect Three Year-End Review Games for ES

Boardgame Designs to review, let students practice speaking English Vocabulary: Colors, Numbers 1-20, Weather, Fruits, Sports, Shapes, Animals. Same Mechanics as the original Connect Four Boardgame.

Connect Three is the same as Connect Four, but making 3 connecting dots instead of 4 connecting dots in a straight vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line, in order to score 1 point.
(You can also make it Connect Four, but I find making it 3 is easier for kids to score, therefore they get more excited and think it's easy to win.

ALT print boardgame designs (1 sheet per pair).
ALT can review the target Vocabulary first, with the help of flashcards, or use the boardgame design itself to review.
ALT to explain mechanics to students.

Students form pairs and use 1 boardgame design between them.
1 student uses a blue marker/crayon, the partner uses red.
There are 42 circles on the board, with different pictures, depending on the target vocabulary.
The first student can claim any circle on the board, by saying the English word corresponding to the picture (ex. Sunny).
If he gives the correct answer, he can mark that circle with his blue marker/crayon. If wrong answer, the circle is free to be taken at another time by either player.
The partner takes his turn next, and claims any circle on the board. (ex. Rainy)
They keep taking turns and marking their circles.
If a straight vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of 3 consecutive circles is made with the same color, that is equivalent to 1 point for that student.
Write the score at the side of the boardgame.

Continue playing until all the circles are marked.
Count the total score to determine the winner.

If students finish fast, they can move on to the next board game design, or have a rematch (ALT to give them a new sheet).

*I will update this and try to make more designs using other Vocabulary lessons.
So far, these are available, mostly for ES students: 1-2年生 , 3年生.

  • Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, gray
  • Numbers 1-12
  • Weather: sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, snowy
  • Fruits
  • Sports
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Alphabet Big Letters
  • Shapes
  • Colors and Shapes
  • Animals (different versions cos my HRTs taught different sets of animals)
  • Alphabet Big Letters
Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Connect Three_Year-End_Review Game.pdf (11.7 MB)
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    Submitted by connichiwow March 11, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes per boardgame design
    1. maikeru26 March 12, 2024

      Thanks, this is a nice, different way to play connect four. Would have never thought of it!

    2. YukiMino March 12, 2024

      This is really nice! Thank you so much for sharing!

    3. GinaG March 13, 2024

      A million thanks for this!!! Connect four versions for 5th and 6th would be a good idea too for next year.

    4. connichiwow March 13, 2024

      Thanks for the positive feedback! Working on it (5th and 6th). :)

    5. ratclass March 15, 2024

      lovely worksheets and great idea. thanks for sharing!

    6. Furachan March 15, 2024

      This looks fantastic!! What a great idea! I'd say these would work well enough with high grades too.

    7. connichiwow March 15, 2024

      Furachan, yes, it works for JHS too! I did it to practice Past Tense form of verbs (the circles had the present tense, and they would say the past tense. Haven't gotten around to uploading my other worksheets for this, but will do it soon.

    8. VinShida March 18, 2024

      Very nice. While I like all the powerpoint, web based, techno games... It's nice to have an good ol' "analog" game. =)

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