What's the Question?

Jeopardy-style powerpoint quiz (JHS or SHS) testing students ability to turn statements into questions

First, put students in groups of four to five (can be smaller groups depending on class size), and hand out a whiteboard and pen to each group.

The aim of the game is for students to try and turn statements into questions. Tell the students that the question words across the top represent the types of question that the answer will be phrased in, and the points represent the difficulty.

The powerpoint is in the style of jeopardy, so have the groups play rock paper scissors to decide who picks the first category.

You can play two versions. One is first come first served, where the first team to get the correct question wins the points, or you can play a version where all the teams raise their whiteboards at the same time, and all groups who guessed correctly recieve points. This version takes longer, and allows them more time to practice.

Continue to play until all questions are completed, and then the team with the most points at the end wins.

Below I have attached the powerpoint and the answer key for the teacher to reference.

Submitted by kaylaw March 28, 2024 Estimated time: 20-50 minutes (varies based on class size, skill level, and mode of playing)

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