Roll the Dice Small Talk Review

This is a warm up activity that can be used to review key sentences/questions/expressions that the students learned from the previous year. This is patterned after the New Horizon textbooks.

It would be best to use this activity at the start of the school year to review the lessons taught from last school year.

Lesson flow:

  1. Divide the class into pairs and distribute the worksheet.
  2. If you have enough dice, give one for each pair, or if your class has iPads or Chromebooks, use an app/website to replace the actual dice to be used.
  3. Decide who will ask the question first and who will answer. You can also decide if Student A rolls the dice and asks the questions three times consecutively, or if Student A and Student B can take turns rolling the dice and asking and answering questions.
  4. Students have to do three rounds of small talk. Basically, they ask the questions corresponding the number on the dice for each round. Encourage students to ask follow up questions as needed.

There is just one PDF attached with the following pages:
P1 - For Grade 1 students with questions from Elementary school
P2 - For Grade 2 students with questions from G1 JHS
P3 - For Grade 3 students with questions from G2 JHS

Submitted by lemonade April 2, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes

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