Election 2020

This is a variation on the election battle game. It is not turn based. Teams work at their own speed.

UPDATE: I was having some trouble with the victory screen music and with one screen crashing when I used this on my tablet so I've tried to fix it up a bit. Let me know if you have any issues.

This is a variation on a number of other games I've posted such as Gang War, Dragon War and Robot Invasion. They are similiar to 'Battle for Japan' but they are not turn based. After you've introduced and practiced the language the groups will work at their own speed to answer the questions you provide them. Once time is up you count the states to see which team won.

Once they've answered a question, one member will bring an answer to a teacher and if its okay they can pick a state. If all the states are taken they pick a claimed state and roll the die. If they get a 4,5 or 6 they can take the state from another team. If they get a 1, 2 or 3 then no luck. Either way they go back and continue working on the next question.

You click on the state picture to bring up Trump and then click on the characters themself to cycle through them. The colored squares with character faces will lead to you the victory slides. The team with the most states is the winner. If you accidently go to a victory screen early you can click on the banner or the dancer to return to the main slide.

One the example screen there is an A and a B button. Click those to see sample questions, click the question to see the answer and the answer to make both vanish. The states screen introduces the state names. It is good to quickly practice them.

There are four teams. This game works for classes that break into a wide range of groups. Individual groups are allied with each other. In a class with 6 groups there will be three teams (2 trumps, 2 bidens and 2 snoopies) if there are 8 groups there will be four teams (2 trumps, 2 bidens, 2 snoopies and 2 godzillas) and if there are 9 groups then there will be 3 teams (3 trumps, 3 bidens and 3 snoopies) It doesn't work for 5, 7 or 10 groups. I do it this way rather than have more colors or teams so you don't have to cycle through so many options.

Currently I've included a template and a version for Copula verb.

UPDATE: I've added the INVASION Version of this. Its a theme I converted the original election game to after the election was over but I figured I'd prep it early just in case things take a turn to dark before I can use the activity this year. So far I've only included the copula verb version.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 1. Election 2020 TEMPLATE.pptx (12.9 MB)
  • 2. 2nd Year Election 2020 'He looks crazy lets give him some tea'.docx (1.7 MB)
  • 2. 2nd Year Election 2020 'He looks crazy Lets give him some tea'.pptx (14.2 MB)
  • 3. 2nd Year INVASION 2020 'He looks crazy lets give him some tea'.docx (1.64 MB)
  • 3. 2nd Year INVASION 2020 'He looks crazy Lets give him some tea'.pptx (12.1 MB)
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    Submitted by UonumaRobert October 6, 2020 Estimated time: 20 to 25 minutes maybe a little longer
    Inspired by Gang War Battle Game
    1. noktik October 15, 2020

      This is great! Used it this week to much success. Basically a mish-mash of your Battle for Japan and Pokemon games. I always have the students play janken instead of rolling dice simply because some students get really into it. Thanks for sharing!

    2. UonumaRobert October 16, 2020

      Thanks. I'm glad it went well. I used to play janken against the students for these types of games but I switched to dice because I was winning too often. It made me feel a bit guilty especially when I always beat one team.

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