Phonics Survival Game - Fall Guys theme

A sort of last one standing, choose the correct answer game the whole class can play.

Phonics Survival Game (With a video game theme)

  1. First, go through the alphabet with the class. Rehearse the sounds that each letter makes. A (ah), B (buh), C (Kuh)...etc.
    Have the students repeat after you to practice.

  2. Then explain the rules of the game: You (the ALT) will display two or more letters on the screen. You will then make a sound that matches on of the letters. All the students will be standing up. The students will have to try and match the sound to the letter by raising their left hand or right hand. Once all the students have chosen an answer, CLICK the correct letter to reveal the CROWN. If the students chose correctly, they are safe. If they chose wrong, and they must sit down. The last students standing at the end of the LEVEL win.

  3. There are 4 LEVELS to this game. It gets a little bit more challenging with each level. You can have the class reset at the end of each level, so no student has to sit out the whole game.

  4. Remember to click the letter squares to make them disappear. The correct letter will have a CROWN behind it.

Here is the Answer Key:

Level 1 - O, G, Q, Z, P, T, F, U
Level 2 - J, M, V, R, O, I, K, R, S, K, M, D
Level 3 - B, X, U, D, I, L, E, F, O, B, H
Final Level - Lock, Ban, Nice, House, Zoo, Have, Job, Loom, Hello, Coat, Bog, Doll, Boat, Slice, Jet

My classes had a lot of fun with this one! I hope you guys do too!
Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
-Mr. Issei

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    Submitted by MrIssei April 27, 2021 Estimated time: 15 minutes
    1. Purpledee April 27, 2021

      This seems really fun. Thank you!

    2. OdafromTaijima May 6, 2021

      Oh this is neat! I will do this with my Junior high school students in the future!

    3. rebvandev May 9, 2021

      This looks fun! Nice animations. I'm going to use this this week. Thank you!

    4. AsakawaSune May 6, 2022

      I'm going to give this one a go next week, thanks!

    5. badartist June 9, 2022

      Lots of fun! A couple suggestions I would make is maybe have both answers show a crown upon clicking them, so the teacher can choose which is the answer on the fly and not need an answer key prepared in advance. And then don't remove the answer after clicking it, that way we can sound out the letters to the students while the letters are still visible and show them the difference. Great work though, really well put together.

    6. Maria Teresa Tanaka November 8, 2022

      This sounds fun, I'll try it sometime. thanks

    7. ReySensei November 16, 2022

      This is nice

    8. AsakawaSune December 1, 2022

      I love using this game in between units or as a filler, I give stickers as prizes after every round and have them stand up for each new round. They love this game. I tend to pick my own answers though, and point to the correct option. Great game!

    9. jiggswalsh May 19, 2023

      Quick note, I get quite a few students watching which arm other students raise, so after each letter I say I give a quick count "3, 2, 1, go!" so they all raise their hands at the same time. Great phonics activity thanks!

    10. stef_ma12 July 18, 2023

      My students absolutely loved this game. Thank you!

    11. lxxlxdhx February 16, 2024

      Had a great time doing this with the 5th graders! Loved seeing their thinking faces when trying to decide between 'M' and 'N', 'L' and 'R'. Great activity, thank you very much!

    12. EnglishTaka April 9, 2024

      This is such a good interactive activity that can easily be adapted to match your students. I changed some of the answers to remove the predictability factor and to match the vocabulary level of my students. Will give a count down for when the kids can raise their hands so that they can consult each other before deciding. Thanks for this!

    13. joyceisachoice May 17, 2024

      I've been using this game for 2 years now and my kids always love it. Fall Guys is kind of niche, but there are always at least 30% of students who recognize it and get SOOO HYPED.

      Some years I split the 4 levels to be warmups over 4 classes. One thing I found helpful is to make a sign from construction paper that says QUIET with a little shhh emoji on it. I hold it up when I am saying the phonic sounds, so that students will quiet down between slides.

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