New Horizons G5 and 6 Matching PPT Game

In groups, students choose to squares to try to collect points for their group by revealing matches.

Submitted by SourK

November 17, 2021

Estimated time: 20-25m

This is a simple matching game, based on other matching reveal games on here, for Unit 6 of both New Horizons Elementary 5 and 6. For 6th grade, after learning the phrase "where is ______ from?," try to pair a food item with its country of origin. For 5th grade, using the prices for foods in New Horizons picture dictionary, students try to pair the food with its corresponding price. once group, for example, calls out "A1 and C4", hoping to find a match. If they do find a match, they have to say the two things they are matching--ex: "hamburger, 570 yen." Once you find a match, your group gets a point!

-This is not perfect and honestly you have to be careful not to click the wrong square or in the wrong place! Let me know how you would improve this. I would like to fade out the two matches once they are found, but that felt like more trouble than its worth.
-I took this directly from another matching game online, but to cover up an item again, click the red mark on the bottom right hand corner. To reveal, click the square itself.
-I found its better for the last point to be the 2nd to last square, because the last pair is an easy point for the final group.
-this is very New Horizons focused but hopefully a couple folks will use it! We had fun in our classes, the one issue is that if you want to keep it moving as much as you can, or else it will take up a good amount of the class time.
-tell students beforehand not to cheat by drawing a grid and recording down what is revealed.

  • UonumaRobert November 17, 2021

    It looks good. If you really want the revealed images to vanish after pairs are made it would be fairly simple. Just add a fade out animation on the image triggered by clicking the images themselves since the box is controlled by the little red symbol. A bit of work for a project already complete but maybe worth doing with a future one.

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