Scott Pilgrim Club Rumble

Help Scott join a club by smashing stuff for points in this versus game to practice your "I want to______" sentences

How it works

Divide the class into two teams.

Have the class choose a card, but using the phrase "I want to join the _____________.

Each selected card has a point total. Tally up the score to see who wins

Hearts are worth 5 points and bombs are worth 0 points, but if you want to add other effects to those you are welcome to do it.

I left two rounds in there incase your kids want to play again

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  • Scott Pilgrim Club Rumble.pptx (12.5 MB)
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    Submitted by Lucasmh January 26, 2022 Estimated time: 10min
    1. Alora18 February 3, 2022


    2. dominiquednl February 10, 2022

      Great work! I really like the animations on this one. Is there a YouTube video you can recommend I can learn from to make powerpoints like this (like yours)?

    3. Lucasmh February 21, 2022

      @dominiquednl, I just saw this message and I am sorry I didn't see it sooner. There isn't one powerpoint video, there are many. Anytime you want to make a button, or make a cool transition just look it up on youtube. It takes time, but your skills will improve with each passing game/activity

    4. redshirt June 17, 2022

      My students really loved this game, although I edited the pictures to be fruits so I could play it with a lower grade. I intend to do the same for other vocab, but I wondered if it was possible to change scott to another character e.g. Romona Flowers. I`m not sure how to do that, could you possibly tell me. I feel it may create an idea that the students are playing a different game. 

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