Verb Cards

Verb Cards to help teach action verbs. Each Card has the word, action image, its past tense spelling and an example sentence. I used them for all the grades. Images were taken from a Clipart site

Submitted by anantodam

January 31, 2022

Estimated time:

The template needs to be printed and cut out. I usually have two sets in case I want to do a team against team charades.

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  • Verb Trading Cards.docx (3.64 MB)
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    1. Thehungrycaterpillar April 19, 2022

      Thank you for sharing the verb cards. I would like to use them in my class.

    2. akopoito July 19, 2022

      Thank you for sharing this.

    3. DRex59 May 16, 2023

      You were actually allowed to use this in class?! LOL, you're teachers are a lot easier going than mine!

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