Where is Pikachu? School Pokemon Hunt

Vocabulary practice activity to go with the rooms/areas of the school introduced in the school section of the New Horizon Elementary Picture Dictionary.

Students practice the names of different areas of the school while trying to find different pokemon. BUT! Ditto has also joined the game and is disguised as the pokemon the students are hunting. They need to find and catch the real pokemon to finish the game.

The pokemon get progressively harder to find (the real one is usually the hardest). You can make the pokemon a bit easier to see to make the game easier/faster. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but I think it should take about 10 minutes.

Focus vocabulary: classroom, library, music room, gym, playground, swimming pool, teachers' office, school nurse's office, school principal's office, entrance, restroom.

1. Start the slideshow and watch the opening animation. Click on the pokeball to go to the next slide.
2. Ask the students what each room/area of the school is. Don’t forget the entrance! This gives them extra practice and makes sure they understand what each room is. Click on the pokeball to go to the next slide.
3. Ask the students “Where is Pikachu?”. They can answer “Pikachu is in the (rooom)” or just answer “In the (room)” depending on their level. You may have to teach them the English names for the pokemon! You can also encourage students to say where in the room the pokemon is if they are able to (under the desk, behind the chair, etc.). When I do vocabulary games I usually have one student answer and then have everyone repeat the vocabulary item so that they all stay engaged. Try to have different students answer each time.
4. If they choose a disguised Ditto it will transform back into Ditto. Click on Ditto to make it disappear. If they find the real pokemon it will be caught with the pokeball. Once they find the real one go to the next slide by clicking the pokeball. (If they are getting the right pokemon too fast you can ask them if they can find the Dittos as well. The animations will still work after catching the pokemon.)
5. Once you find Charmander you can go to the final screen and congratulate the students for catching 'em all.

Instructions on how to navigate the game and on where the pokemon are hidden is written in the notes section on each slide. I also popped in some quick instructions on how to edit the powerpoint on the last slide.

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    Submitted by RoselleDesigns March 30, 2022 Estimated time: about 10 minutes
    1. AsakawaSune April 5, 2022

      Nice activity! Just so you know, the staffroom Squirtle in the second round doesn't work when clicked :)

    2. RoselleDesigns April 5, 2022

      Sorry, I should have labeled it better! The Squirtle is kind of between the two desks. If you click on the desk on the left it should trigger the animation :)

    3. peterfox December 1, 2022

      This seems very enjoyable! I will try it with my students once they're learning about the school vocabulary.

    4. Nordmagie January 18, 2023

      Sorry I deleted my last comment, I just realized you put a button on the ditto itself to make it disappear XD. Alright, that will work too. It's a really good game! Thanks!

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