Anpanman Characters: He/She can~

Practice He/She can with the Anpanman Characters!

Submitted by crisxselda

September 12, 2022

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

I used this in my Special Needs classes this week and the students loved it. This was based on ES New Horizon 5 lessons for Unit 4. Please feel free to use and modify as needed.

Slide 1: Review the action words and ask students to say whether the characters in the pictures use He or She. Practice the target sentence, "He/She can~." Click the card to reveal the answer. If you have already discussed and used the pronoun "they" for non-binary/ gender non-conforming people, please feel free to alter how this lesson will be taught in your class.
Slide 2: Quiz Opening Screen - please decide if you'd play this in groups or with everyone in the class.
Slide 3: Home Screen - elicit the characters' names and ask students to choose a character. Click a character and it'll take you to the quiz slide for that character.
Slides 4-11: Elicit the correct pronoun for each character. Click through these slides to check the timing of the animations and the answers as well. Click the home icon on each question slide to go back to the Home Screen.
Slide 12: Good job slide!

Note: My students specifically requested Anpanman but you can easily change the characters to what best appeal to your students. Copy a picture you want to use. Next, right-click on a picture you want to change and select 'Change Picture' (図の変更)- 'From Clipboard...(クリップボードから...)' If you have saved the pictures you want to use, select 'From a File' (ファイルから...) instead.

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