Cooking Mama - Where is it From?

A short powerpoint game to Introduce/review the phrase "Where is it from?".

Using the Powerpoint:

-Each dish has a number associated with it. Click on a dish at the main screen and use the target phrase with the food presented (Ex. Where are sausages from?).

-If correct, you can click the "Cooking Mama" icon in the lower left corner to return to the main screen.

-If incorrect, click the same button and it will return you to the food's page so students can try again.

-When you are finished, click on Mama on the main screen for the winning graphic.

Game Ideas:

-I have had students gather in groups of 4/5 and given them whiteboards. The teams have 20-30 seconds to guess where the food is from. Teams that get it correct earn a point.

-Same as above but split the class into two teams.


-I have uploaded a Powerpoint version of the game! Please let me know if there any bugs. :)

-I usually use Keynote to make powerpoint activities. However, in the future I'll try to upload a .pptx file along with the .key file on the same day.

-The .pptx file added has some slight changes including an individual "loser slide" for each question.

-(Keynote Only) - The file now has a few extra slides with a "sudden death" round featuring fries and their true origin just as a little joke at my expense. XD To access it just move to the next slide on the "dish selection" screen.

Fun Fact:

-Fries are, in fact, not from Canada. My sleep deprived self was thinking of Poutine the entire time I was making that. It has now been fixed. XD

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Cooking Mama - Where is it From?.pptx (6.54 MB)
  • Cooking Mama - Where is it From?.key (17.9 MB)
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    Submitted by Gurin November 21, 2022 Estimated time: 10-15min
    1. charlotte November 22, 2022

      This sounds cute! Is it possible to upload as a ppt doc? :)

    2. Bing Bong Boi November 22, 2022

      Is there a way you can make the file a .ppt? I couldn't open it. On school laptops they usually use .ppt files.

    3. ChetBorneo November 22, 2022

      You could use something like to convert the file.

      It might not be a perfect conversion though, but it is free.

    4. jasonX November 22, 2022

      Lots of converters on the web, for example:

    5. onighost November 22, 2022

      Just a small point, the picture of "dumplings" is actually Tortellini pasta from Italy, so it's a little confusing.

    6. Bonjure289 November 22, 2022

      Um.. I would like some sources that fries are from Canada please :P Pretty sure they started in Belgium.

    7. Gurin November 22, 2022

      @Bonjure289, Noticed that this morning after I uploaded it XD. Had Poutine on the mind the whole time. Fixed.

    8. Gurin November 22, 2022

      Thank you to the users who recommended other converters. :) I've been using one but the conversion usually removes some features that are exclusive to keynote. I'll give the others a try next time. Thanks again!

    9. KobeALT November 22, 2022

      Canada!? Aren't chips from Belgium?

    10. UonumaRobert November 22, 2022

      Hmm, poutine. Oh Canada, taking something as tasty and unhealthy as French fries and doubling down.

    11. Danakco November 30, 2022

      Hahaha I love this! Though Apple pie from America is controversial given that it was brought over from europe, likely the UK. But then what food did America invent? Cheese burgers perhaps?

    12. VinShida December 8, 2022

      I like the powerpoint, but by process of elimination the later questions get too easy. I changed/added flags to make it a little harder.

    13. ConnerennoC December 14, 2023

      The production value of this is wonderful! Seeing everything animated takes me back!

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