Battle for the States (U.S.A)

Territory battle game! Featuring the United States of America. Let's which team takes the most states and controls the US!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

**Added: NIIGATA Map. Whoever is in Yukiguni feel free to use the one I made for Niigata. And it seems someone else made one too! Love that this prefecture is getting more and more activities about it. Yippi!

Revised: I added the lines from Alaska to Washington and Hawaii to California (although I should have made it go to Nevada because that's where Vegas is lol JKJK)

My kids enjoyed the Battle of Japan game (linked in "inspired by"), and wanted to play it again. But, instead of Japan, I decided to introduce them to my country in the same game style. This was quite the learning curve to make, but I got it down.
I have added in state "representation" images, which might be a bit kiddish, feel free to delete them if you feel it's too much. :) *I'm sorry if its wrong. I added them in based on children state map examples online.

Be sure to check the other games for a better explanation of how to play. I will do my best to simplify the gameplay here.
A mixture of Battle for Japan and Battle of England rules.

TOOLS: Whiteboard / Marker / Eraser

Assign team colors to your group.

  1. The teams will answer the questions on the PPT.
  2. When the team has finished writing, the JTE/ALT checks the answer.
  3. If its OK, one team member gets to choose a state. (All teams will write the answer, whoever finishes first gets to choose first.) -1st round: the chosen state needs to be a couple states apart from the other teams. -2nd round+ : teams can only choose the state that are next to their states.

What happens if the state is already chosen ?
If the team wishes to take a state from another team, they need to play Janken or you can have them roll a dice.


My way is to head to the HOME tab, click ARRANGE, click SELECTION PANE.
I labled and numbered the Q&A block as 1.Q/A 2.Q/A etc.
Click the eye or "hide" button to hide them.
Only view the one you want to work on / change.
---This way you can hide and view each question without needing to shift the boxes around.
(UGH I did this my first time and it was a pain lol until I found out this trick)

How many teams(groups) do you have?
3T / 4T / 6T
*I have made three game slides depending on how many teams you make.
Idea from "Battle for England"

If you have 9 groups
-Use 3T and assign 3 groups the same color.
If you have 8 groups
-Use 4T and assign 2 groups the same color.
If you have 6 groups
-You can decide, use 3T or 6T

Click the color Team button of the winning team to go to the congrats slide.


I will choose a state in secret, write it down. If at the end, a group took over this state, they get a sticker. Don't matter if they win the game or not. Just something I'll do for funsies with them.

I'm thinking of making one for my town here in Japan...we'll see. Gonna give my brain a rest. Muah! Hope your kids like taking over the US!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Battle for the States Template.pptx (30.1 MB)
  • Battle for Niigata_Yukiguni.pptx (9.83 MB)
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    Submitted by Matsue2012 March 13, 2023 Estimated time: 20-40min
    1. NamikiHayden March 14, 2023

      Good activity! One minor critique: you put the White House in Washington state. That's already enough of a misconception here as-is. It should probably be omitted.

    2. noveena March 14, 2023

      This looks awesome! Thank you for making this! I will try to use it sometime soon.

      Also, thank you for using the Arch to represent Missouri!
      - Sincerely, somebody from St. Louis, Missouri ;)

    3. UonumaRobert March 14, 2023

      The map looks great. I noticed you're in Niigata-ken. I'm a few towns over. I started working on a map for Niigata but I haven't polished it yet. I'll post it here. If you want to play around with it during the break. It could save you some time. Its at the bottom of the small files.

    4. Matsue2012 March 14, 2023

      @NamikiHayden and @Noveena Thank you :D WhiteHouse is gone, POOFed! Thanks for letting me know.

    5. Matsue2012 March 14, 2023

      @UonumaRobert lololol
      Oh my word! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know you were working on one already. It would definitely have been a time saver XD I legit finished my own Niigata map last night. But I'll consider it good practice because I will want to make a Tokamachi one later. I do like how you added the surrounding land and sea, mine is just the cut out of the areas. If you like, I can share with you what I did so far, I added a few clip art here and there, and Niigata's mascot. :)

    6. UonumaRobert March 14, 2023

      Yeah, I'd love to see it. I worked on mine last summer but I haven't had a use for it. Still in the idea bank.

    7. NamikiHayden March 14, 2023

      To add to the freaky Niigata-ken coincidences, although I'm in a different part of the country now, during my first stay in Japan, I lived in Minamiuonuma.

      Chuuetsu represent?

    8. UonumaRobert March 14, 2023

      @NamikiHayden, I actually live in Minamiuonuma now. I've been here for quite a few years.

    9. Matsue2012 March 14, 2023

      I've added it to this slide. I need to work on those winning slides. Thinking of adding in music. But, yeah, this is what I made so far XD I have an off period now. Maybe I can finish soon.

    10. Matsue2012 March 14, 2023

      @NamikiHayden Say whatsee! We're all Niigata peeps, how cool is this! :D

    11. UonumaRobert March 14, 2023

      It looks good. And its a good size. I made mine a little too small.

    12. Matsue2012 March 15, 2023

      @UonumaRobert , finished Niigata with some added Naruto music :P.
      And I just seen the one JunointheInaka made of Niigata too! Super happy for our prefecture. :D

    13. UonumaRobert March 15, 2023

      Things are coming up Niigata. I like the transition animations too.

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