This is my stew/salad/soup!

New Horizon 6 Unit 6: A fun drawing worksheet to practice ''The ___ is from ___.''

I noticed there aren't a lot of activities for this unit so I tried to make my own simple one! ''Where is the ____ from?'' is pretty boring on its own, so this worksheet should be a little more fun and add more context hopefully!

Students fill out the worksheet on their own:
-Decide if they want to make stew or salad
-Choose 4 ingredients from pages 56-57, write them in English
-Write where the ingredients are from in English (from pages 56-57)
-Draw their stew or salad with the four ingredients (colored pencils OK if you have time)

Practice the grammar in pairs:
-One student shows the other their stew/salad
-Other student asks ''Where is the [ingredient] from?''
-Student answers ''The [ingredient] is from ____.''
-go through all four ingredients or take turns asking and answering

I think it's important to break down the worksheet into a few parts where they have a time limit. I noticed some of my students were zooming along already drawing their stews while others were still deciding ingredients. Setting a timer for each section might keep up the students pace.

Also, you could get rid of the part of the worksheet where they write the place of the ingredient to save time. Instead, during the grammar practice, the students can answer while looking at pages 56-57.

I've only done this activity once and the students didn't practice the grammar enough because they were still coloring or finishing their worksheets, even when we told them pencils down. We are planning on starting our next lesson with the worksheet but only practicing the grammar from it, no more drawing!! So maybe this activity is best split between two classes; one for prep and the other for practice.

This is the first activity I'm posting on here! I hope you can use it and make Unit 6 a little less bland ^^

P.S. I just made another version ''This is my soup!'' which is a little cuter and doesn't give the students the option to decide stew or salad. I realized after that soup itself could feature almost any ingredient from pages 56-57 lol.

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    Submitted by melaniesensei November 17, 2023 Estimated time: 15-25 minutes
    1. VinShida November 20, 2023

      Simple and sweet. I like it! Thanks!

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