"Heads up" or "Forehead Word Card Guessing Game"

A game where students put vocabulary words on their foreheads and their group mates help them guess the word without saying it.

I did this with my high school students recently and they had a lot of fun. I encouraged them to use as much English as possible. You can gear the vocabulary towards both high- and low-level students.

The instructions are in the PowerPoint, but here's the gist:

  1. Have students form groups of four or five (or whatever size groups fits your class).
  2. Give them a deck of vocab cards and make sure they don't look at them (there's a doc full of easy vocab below. Definitely make your own or ask your JTE which words they want!).
  3. Instruct one student from each group to pick up a card, put it up to their forehead, and ask their groupmates to help them guess the word. Make sure that they don't say the word OR its direct Japanese translation.
  4. Once they get it right, have them switch to the next person and so on.

I do a demo with one group while the rest of the class watches and they usually get it pretty quickly.

Link to the Google Slides Version:

Submitted by keithwarnerharder January 19, 2024 Estimated time: Up to 30 minutes.

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