This is another version of the 'Magic Quiz' Game using Doraemon characters.

Submitted by UonumaRobert

June 22, 2020

Inspired by: Magic Quiz

Estimated time: 20 to 25 for the first and 20 to 25 for the second.

UPDATE April 2021: Added a 1 minute talking time before the writing practice for the 3rd year 'It's important to' version. Also changed the points to 2-4, 6 and -4. This way after the 6 or -4 is called remaining students can still get 1 point if they still want to try and answer. More like the original Magic Quiz. I've made a similiar edit for the new 2nd year 'I think that' version.

UPDATE: fixed one of the slides on the 'I think' game.

UPDATE: I wasn't happy with the sounds for Jaian or Dorami so I rerecorded them on the template and the 2nd year I think version.

UPDATE: I added a third year version for New Crown 3. It practices 'It's interesting for me to do stuff'. It includes a short introduce quiz about where its possible to do things around the world.

UPDATE: I added a 1st year version. This is for New Crown 1 lesson four. The first part introduces the months. If you click on each month a star appears. It vanishes if you click on the star. You can use this for clapping drills or 'eraser get' drills. This is the game where the students are in pairs. The ALT claps and says a month. The students clap and repeat the month. However if the ALT calls the month that has a star rather than clapping the students must try to grab the eraser. They can either use their own erasers or share one. The subject of this one is 'We eat stew in January'.

I've included a blank template you can use to create your own questions and answers as well as the version I'll be using for New Crown 2, lesson 3. That lesson focuses on 'I think that...' I'll focus on that for my explanation.

Click through the first few slides to introduce the target language. Explain that they can get 1,2,3,5 or -3 points. If a team gets -3 points or 5 points the round is over. The rows are the teams. This is useful for classes where social distance must be maintained although it works for any class. If you don't need to worry about that you could make regular groups.

In the first round the first student in each row stands up. Show them the key words. 'I think delicious'. Students raise their hands and try to complete the sentence. If the student can get it right they pick a letter and get points. If they get a Doraemon then another student in the front row can try and complete the sentence. If they get Dorami or Gian then the round is over. Do an answer check and then move onto the next key words and the second row stands up. I suggest if the ALT is managing the powerpoint then the Japanese teacher should call on the students and check answers. The ALT can also put the points on the board.

The first grammar point has six questions then it introduces another grammar point introduced in that lesson. 'It is about...'. Show and explain the two examples with the help of the Japanese teacher. The second example has ' about fighting monsters.' for these keywords they should think of movies, TV shows, books and comics that fit the sentence. For example 'Pokemon is about fighting monsters.'

Do the next six questions the same as before then go to the game over slide and cheer the winning team.

Here there are two choices. If you click on the game machine it will take you to the Writing Points Game. Alternately if you click on the notebook it will take you to writing example. The later should be used in classes that can't make traditional groups. Students will work on their own writing answers for the questions on the worksheet. You might want to remove some of the questions. Working individually I don't think students will finish more than five. Either have them work on all the questions then collect at the end of class or have them finish one, get it checked by a teacher and then continue.

The writing point gam works best with groups.

This is a pretty basic point game. Students work in groups to answer the questions on the worksheet. Once the group completes one a member goes to the teacher, gets their answer checked and then picks a character. They get a certain number of points. Once all the characters on a slide are gone click the arrow to move onto another slide. On the demo screen there is an A button and a B button. They show two examples. Click on the button to see the question then on the question to see the answer. Click on the answer to make both vanish. I generally use a tablet for this type of game that way both teachers can check answers and help students and the students themselves can handle the game mechanics.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.

  • rebvandev June 29, 2020

    I like the sounds and imagery you added! I bet the students love it.

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