Pokemon ABCs

Practice the Alphabet with different Pokemon

Submitted by Lucasmh

June 28, 2021

Inspired: Alphabet Henohenomoheji

Estimated time: 10 min

Ask the students what the first letter in the Alphabet is and when they answer, show the first pokemon's name. The Pokemon all have their Japanese name so the students are more familiar with them. A few letters don't exist in the standard Japanese alphabet, so those ones will have the American Flag on them to represent that they are the English names

The end has a "Who's that Pokemon?" game where they guess each pokemon by its shadow and you can ask what letter its name starts with

With 3rd grade I just have them say the first letter in the name and with 4th grade I have them spell out the whole name.

For the "M" slide, I have a mew turning into a Ditto (metamon) in part because its is good practice and also because if I could not get a mew as a child, than neither will they haha.

Please enjoy

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    1. UonumaRobert June 28, 2021

      This should get the pokemon fans pretty excited. A small nitpicking point. If you're using it for the phonetic alphabet practice maybe replace 'Cherimu' with 'Catarpie'. It seems to be the only hard C starting pokemon that I could find. The game designers sure love that 'CH' sound.

    2. Lucasmh June 28, 2021

      Good note as always Robert. Pokemon was my teaching tool at the zoos and aquariums and I find it works pretty well in English teaching too

    3. UonumaRobert June 28, 2021

      Yeah a lot of kids of all ages are really into it and even those that aren't are still familiar with it and find it cute. I've occasionally had 'experts' in class point out the pokemon in my almost pokemon activity doesn't actually use 'beam' attacks but I just say it does in America.

    4. Lucasmh June 28, 2021

      Tell them it is using hidden power. Until it was removed in the latest game, everyone could use it. Checkmate, kid haha

    5. wyxhime September 29, 2021

      This is great!! My JTE was having fun too esp with the older pokemon (though he was mostly impressed with how pictures can move in powerpoint lol)

    6. Lucasmh September 30, 2021

      I am glad he enjoys the pics haha

    7. fukutanisan February 3, 2022


      Hard Cs. :P

      Love this, maybe I can edit something or use the sprites. Thanks!!

    8. UonumaRobert February 4, 2022

      Hats off, you sure know your pokemon

    9. Keith Miyazaki February 4, 2022

      You can find even more at

    10. Lucasmh February 4, 2022

      The secret to my stuff is actually here. They have almost all the newer sprites. Always go for quality when you can find it

    11. charlotte July 22, 2022

      I love this, definitely going to use it next semester! Although I love the Mew to Metamon change, I might have to change M purely for selfish reasons as Rowlet (Mokuro) is my fav lil guy haha

    12. jensurviving September 14, 2022

      Loved this! Really cute powerpoint my students were really excited. This might be challenging for students who haven't studied capital/lowercase or phonetic sounds. But my 3rd years had a lot of fun with it! It became a cooperative class activity.

    13. kirig19 September 15, 2022

      This is super cute!! My fifth graders are practicing "How do you spell...?" and love Pokemon, so I'm definitely going to run it by my JTE. My favorite Pokemon is Goomy (Numera) so I may edit that slide for a little bit of a "get to know the ALT" moment!

    14. USA_ALT463 December 1, 2022

      My ES kids absolutely adored this! My modification was that before each letter, we would sing the alphabet song up to the point we were at (i.e if the next letter was G, then we would sing 'A, B, C, D, E, F...' and the kids would collectively answer with the next letter. My kids did an incredible job pronouncing those that were using the English name!

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