Link's Boomerang Bash

Use a boomerang to smash vocabulary words for points in this phonics practice game!

Submitted by Lucasmh

January 12, 2022

Estimated time: 10min

Objective: Practice reading and pronouncing newly introduced vocab for points

  • Before you play, place the vocabulary into the word boxes on the game slide. This can be done very easily

  • Go over the vocabulary words with your students before hand

  • Show the students the game board and have them say a word. With each word they select, they will get points

  • After finishing one round, count the total points points to see who the winner is. If it is a larger class, make it team focused and if it is a small class make it individual points. There is a second board provided so you can have more than one round. Feel free to copy them and make more boards or use the provided parts to try and edit it yourself

P.S. The point worth is rather obvious, but the robot is not. It is worth 0 points. The art is so beautiful it would break my heart to slap a font on it. Now you know. Have fun :)

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  • Zelda boomerang bash.pptx (13.3 MB)
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