Stationery GO FISH card game

Meant to review "Do you have ___?" statements and Unit 5 from Let's Try! 2 ("Do you have a pen?"). This is a printable GO FISH game with some Uno elements that make it more fun. Good for groups of 4.

Submitted by Stassi

June 23, 2022

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 2 page 18
  • Print the sheet 4 times and cut the cards (you can also play the game with only 2 copies).

    1. Add a backing to make the cards opaque
    2. Add some colour to differentiate the 4 different sets
    3. Laminate the cards
    4. There are 19 cards per set (including 4 special cards)

    Object of the game is to get rid of your hand. You want to make pairs to get rid of cards.

    Basic play instructions:
    1. Deal 5 cards to each player and place the remaining cards face down in the middle
    2. Janken to see who starts
    3. Player 1 looks at their hand to see what card they need to make a pair. They ask player 2: "Do you have a _____?"
    4. Player 2 either answers
    (a) "Yes, I do." and hands over the card or
    (b) "No, I don't" and player 1 must take a new card from the middle deck
    5. If player 1 got the matching card, they can now take the pair out of their hand and place it face up in front of themselves
    Keep going in a cirle, with each player asking the next player if they have a particular stationery object/card.

    Special cards:
    The 4 cards with stars are booster cards. You don't match them. Instead, you play these cards at the start of your turn to activate their special effects.
    Look - look at the next player's hand before asking your question
    Ask all - ask the question to all players, instead of only the player adjacent to you
    Reverse - change turn direction, so you ask your question to the previous player and it continues that direction
    Stop - stop anyone else's booster card

    This helps review the textbook vocabulary and practice speaking. I also played this with the 5th graders and, surprisingly, they liked it so much they requested to borrow the game for lunch!

    1. kusobaba June 24, 2022

      Thanks for this. Uno and Go Fish always go down well so combining them is a guaranteed hit.

    2. UonumaRobert June 24, 2022

      The art is really cute too. Did you draw the pictures?

    3. Stassi June 24, 2022

      @uonumarobert Yeah, I did draw it myself! :) I did copy/get inspired by some of the designs from Google pics though lol @kusobaba Yeaahhhh - honestly, I underestimated the power of card games until I saw a class devouring Uno.

    4. Tokushii September 7, 2022

      Is it 4 prints of your handout, making it 19 cards per group? This looks really cool, I just wonder how much printing I`m in for. How big are your classes?

    5. AsakawaSune October 18, 2022

      Great activity, it would work well even without the special cards. I had kids in groups of four, which ended up too small and the game took a long time. But they loved it! I would suggest using a time limit to prevent it from taking over the lesson.

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