Pokemon Battle Royale

Answer questions and attack other teams!

Submitted by hotokeki

January 10, 2023

Inspired by: Pokemon Wipeout

Inspired by: Pokemon Battle (TEMPLATE)

Inspired by: Mage Battle Royale PP Game

Estimated time: 15-20 min.

Because I wanted to reuse the already laminated pokemon cards I had from pokemon wipeout, this is a very close replica to 4sarah1212's mage battle, only with pokemon. The directions below will be mostly similar to their's, so go check them out too if you enjoy this game! -

White boards, markers, and erasers for each group
Copies of a list of questions for each group
OPTIONAL: Print, cut out, and laminate the mage characters

(You could also use tablets, as I did in my case as long as you've prepared the questions prior.)

Divide your class into groups and distribute the pokemon characters.
Groups work together to answer questions from the question list on their white boards.
For each answer, have one student from that group bring their white board and questions list to you.
If they are correct, mark that question complete on the list and have them choose a pokemon to attack.
Last pokemon standing wins. (Dead pokemon can still attack!!!)

Click terrain once to make the pokemon appear on the battle slide (then don't press them again).
Click on the terrain to deal damage to the pokemon on it. (7 hits kills the pokemon)
Click on the 7 next to LVL to go to the winning slide.

If you make a mistake, just kill and revive the pokemon and deal damage to it again!
If you accidentally go to a winning slide before the game is over, press fight on the top left corner to go back to the battle slide.

Hope this helps, and many thanks to those who brought these ideas to life!

Small files
  • 1. Pokemon Wipeout Character Cards.docx (304 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Pokemon Battle Royale.pptx (25 MB)
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    1. drodriguez2257 January 10, 2023

      Is there music or sounds with the slides? Just wondering if my PC is supposed to be playing audio or not

    2. 4sarah1212 January 10, 2023

      Wow!! This looks so awesome! Love the Pokemon version :D It looks so cute <3

    3. hotokeki January 11, 2023

      @drodriguez2257 There are no sounds!

      @4sarah1212 Thank you! I can also say the same to you! This would not have been created if it wasn't for your mage game, so hats off to you!

    4. cumguzzlr666 February 2, 2023

      This was an awesome way to incorporate pokemon, and a great way to motivate students to participate. They tended to all gang up on one group of cool kids (HS class).
      I paired these slides with a list of questions and tasks for the students to do (such as "find a cute and shiny object and show the teacher" or "say a compliment to a classmate in English")
      Some of the fonts didn't load in my version of Powerpoint so I had to adjust them a bit.

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