Kahoot Round-Up: Let's Try 1 (3rd grade)

A list of links to play Kahoot quizzes that correspond with the vocabulary from Let's Try 1 textbook for 3rd grade students in Elementary school.

These are a few of the quizzes I use the most frequently for my 3rd graders.

The ALT will need to host the quiz from their own Kahoot account, and the students will join via their tablets. Students don't need an account to play a Kahoot quiz.

The ALT should read the word aloud to the student, and the student should then click/touch the correct picture/word. I usually play by the special rule of students have to repeat the word first before they can answer, that way they are listening and speaking a bit too. (It also adds an element of urgency too)

If students have a hard time joining the quiz, check that they are typing the game pin using 半角 (half-width from the English keyboard) numbers and no space between numbers.

① Units 1 & 2: Greetings & feelings

② Unit 3: Numbers

③ Unit 4 & 5: colors, sports, foods, fruits mega quiz

④ Unit 7: colors & shapes

⑤ Unit 8 & 9: Animals

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • How to play Kahoot.pdf (2.4 MB)
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    Submitted by CheyLinn January 31, 2023 Estimated time: 10~25 minutes (depending on which quiz)
    1. shawz601348 January 31, 2023

      Oh my God, you`re a saint. My HRT ended up rushing the entire textbook. so now I stuck with making new interactive ways to reinforce what my students learned throughout the year. Thanks

    2. Cityfan January 31, 2023

      Did the children find it straightforward to input the game codes and use the Kahoots? Ive used Kahoot a lot this year for 5th and 6th grade but have hesitated to use it with younger groups. Could they manage if everything was in English?

    3. murasakimochi January 31, 2023

      I needed this! Thank you!!!

    4. Isa 2022 February 1, 2023

      sakataenglish You're the greatest Kahoot maker. I'm your fan. Thank you!

    5. CheyLinn February 1, 2023

      Yeah, it's been fairly easy. It depends on the age of the kids as to how quickly they get it. I have found that showing the homeroom teachers first how to play helps because then they can help me explain. For younger students, typing might be hard. But the more you play, the easier it gets. I've played Kahoots with everyone from my baby first graders to my JHS 3rd graders to my SPED students. Usually the tablets are set to automatically translate everything into Japanese anyway.

    6. sachi February 6, 2023

      How to use this? please

    7. CheyLinn February 7, 2023

      This is an app called Kahoot. You'll need to make an account at, then host the quizzes. The students join from by typing the game pin. Then you can play together. If you aren't sure how to run the app, there are a lot of YouTube videos that explain it better than I can.

    8. badartist February 10, 2023

      Thank you so much for these. I've been getting into doing some kahoots recently and the students have a blast, but I've yet to try it with my 3rd graders.

    9. scrying February 21, 2023

      There are precious few heroes in this world, and you are certainly one of them. Your Kahoot skills are a lifesaver XD

    10. rmsmith February 24, 2023

      First run might be a bit rough, brief the HRT on how kahoot works. The first time I had to help half of the class sign in with a nickname - using a student number streamlined this a bit. add a period if for some reason they can't submit a nickname. If you're like me and have a class of 40, helping about half of the kids will take ~10 mins.

      A quick demo video or 2-3 sample questions with 0 points really helps them understand what they need to do.

    11. Gurung March 13, 2024

      You are NAMBAWAN!
      Kids loved it and no prep at all. Thank you so much. YOU ARE JUST AMAZING.

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