School map Directions game

Directions game focused on the school this time. This is just like my other directions game but now navigating a school to find the students "favorite" place.

Submitted by Matthew

February 9, 2023

Inspired by: Gehn's Labyrinth

Inspired by: Where is the post office? Directions game

Estimated time: 5-25 minuets depending on how it is used!

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 2 page 30
  • Just like with my other directions game you can use this in a few different ways depending on what you and the HRT want to achieve.

    Find the game here:

    The students will need to know directions vocabulary and potentially school rooms in order to play this game while using English.

    One tablet demonstration/ class and volunteer;
    Click a "favorite" place as a class without the volunteer seeing/hearing. Give directions for the volunteer to follow until they get there.

    Two player;
    Best played in pairs taking it in turns as picker and player.
    Picker chooses a place without the player seeing, then guides the player there.

    The default "favorite" place is the classroom. Clicking on a new room changes it to the current goal.
    If you enter the wrong place your position resets. Get to the correct place and a congratulatory message appears before eventually the scene resets to play again.

    Find the game here:

    1. MinamiCat February 10, 2023

      Great job making this! Thanks!

    2. jeiku February 16, 2023

      This is awesome. Do you make these types of games? Do you need install a software?

    3. ann5577 February 24, 2023

      Wow! This is really good. Thank you!!!

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