Digital/Online School map Directions game

Directions game focused on the school this time. This is just like my other directions game but now navigating a school to find the students "favorite" place.

Just like with my other directions game you can use this in a few different ways depending on what you and the HRT want to achieve.

Find the game here:

The students will need to know directions vocabulary and potentially school rooms in order to play this game while using English.

As a class;
Click a "favourite" place as a class without the volunteer seeing/hearing. Give directions for the volunteer to follow until they get there.

Two player;
Best played in pairs taking it in turns as picker and player.
Picker chooses a place without the player seeing, then guides the player there.

The default "favourite" place is the classroom. Clicking on a new room changes it to the current goal.
If you enter the wrong place your position resets. Get to the correct place and a congratulatory message appears before eventually the scene resets to play again.

Find the game here:

Submitted by Matthew February 9, 2023 Estimated time: 5-25 minuets depending on how it is used!
  1. MinamiCat February 10, 2023

    Great job making this! Thanks!

  2. jeiku February 16, 2023

    This is awesome. Do you make these types of games? Do you need install a software?

  3. ann5577 February 24, 2023

    Wow! This is really good. Thank you!!!

  4. jhagonzales September 20, 2023

    This is awesome. Thank you sharing your creation!

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