(I wish...) (If I were...) Subjunctive Mood Game

Quick warm up activity for reviewing the subjunctive mood/modal verb.

There's not a lot of activity under this category so I hope this activity helps everyone who needs it.

- Divide the class into teams.
- There are three multiple choices and the students must choose the correct answer to complete the sentences of "I wish..." and "If I were..."
- Click the box to check if the answer is correct. If the answer is wrong, a funny/cute .gif will appear. Click the box again to make the .gif disappear.
- If they choose the correct answer, a confetti will appear.
- Track the score on the board.

Feel free to edit the contents. I purposely put some incorrect sentences and ask the students if they notice anything wrong with the grammar. I then teach them why a certain sentence is wrong so this game also becomes a short lesson.


Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Subjunctive Mood Practice.pptx (9.83 MB)
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    Submitted by HeyItsMori February 15, 2023 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
    1. ALTPeter February 16, 2023

      this is great.. I almost want them to guess wrong for the funny gifs .... and you captured the common mistakes perfectly

    2. HeyItsMori February 16, 2023

      @ALTPeter, Thank you! I actually still click the wrong ones after they guessed the correct answer just so I can show them the .gif :D

    3. captslim October 31, 2023

      Really good …

    4. akopoito November 20, 2023

      Thanks for sharing.

    5. jedsioson14 November 20, 2023

      Thanks for sharing this powerpoint!

    6. liz_akaba November 28, 2023

      Thanks for's so fun. Love the nah..nah gif

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