Character Pic Cards "My name is" ES&NS

Roaming game to practice "What's your name?" and "My name is ..." where the kids swap cards with eachother so they get a new character.

Very simple cards with popular characters pictures. Blank spaces for a picture of yourself, your JTE, the homeroom teacher and your mascot. I usually laminate the cards. 6 cards per A4 page.

26 characters;
Minnie, Mickey, Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, Miffy, Kitty, Snoopy, Anpanman, Sonic, Doraemon, Astro Boy, Naruto, Pikachu, Totoro, Kirby, Spongebob, Olaf, Ponyo, Thomas, Pooh, Eevee, Stitch, Pingu, Gudetama + a blank page with 6 squares.

It works particularly well for big classes. At the end I ask the students to return to their desk and present to the whole class one by one whatever card they ended up with last.

You could use these simple cards for many activities - they're good for emergencies. I use it at nursery schools and G1/G2 elementary schools the most.

PDF so you can preview the file, but download the publisher file to edit.

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