Huge Pokemon Review Game

A review game styled to look and (almost) behave similar to the actual Pokemon games

Mar. 8 Edit: Fixed the question text remaining and overlapping with the "xx was defeated text"; fixed tall graas not disappearing; added numbers on tall grass; added a word document with the other pokemon names and their possible origins taken from Bulbapedia

If you run into any issue, let me know! I will be using this one next year as a first-day game for year 2 and year 3 students to review the previous year, and then maybe also use it at the end of the year for year 1 students.

I have included instructions on slides 1,2,3, 4, 378, 379, 382, 383 (Yes, there are that many slides. they were needed to keep the illusion of it being a game). I have included minigames from my previous Final Fantasy game as well!

Basic Instructions:
-Split the class into groups and each will need a whiteboard and marker, or they can write on paper and say their answers when ready
-this game can be adjusted for just about anything really, end of year review... end of unit review, etc.
-First each team will choose 1 of 6 Pokeballs
-Then whoever is first will choose a bush
-Once the wild pokemon has appeared and you have selected the pokemon of the team whose turn it is, the question will show and they have 1.5 mins to answer
-Groups whose turn it is to answer will get 5 points, and the other groups can still earn points for being faster among themselves (1st 2 pts, 2nd 1 pt, etc)
-There are minigames that can be used to balance/check the teams in case one group is dominating or if one group is falling behind, but they can also be used for anyone

Originally I had the route music playing in the tall grass screen where it would start again after returning to the screen... but for some reason my school's laptop did not like that and decided I couldn't save anymore or save it as a different file so I had to change it.

Just as I thought I made my biggest game yet with the Final Fantasy review game I made..... I have created another game similar to it! This one took me about 2 weeks or so to finish and I THINK I have it working just fine! I took some creative liberties here and there (such as the battle screen UI being from gen III while the Pokemon and music were from Gen V, or no attack animations [I used bulbapedia to research moves Pokemon can know so it'd be possible for the students' pokemon to be able to OHKO it [even pokemon like Gigalith I made sure had abilities other than sturdy]..... However, I got lazy with attack animations). I'm still working on this actually, but in this state, it is 100% usable. I just want to add some more flare like an intro with professor Juniper talking to the students like the intro of Pokemon games, also a screen to talk about how the students have had a long journey and now their starters have evolved and whatnot (will also include some culture exchange here just like the starter screen where I explain their Eng. name origins), and maaaaybe a title screen as well.

Small files
  • pokemoncultureexchange.docx (653 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • SharingPokemonGame.pptx (10.2 MB)
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    Submitted by Joseph1996 March 5, 2024 Estimated time: 35 minutes
    1. ae1313 March 7, 2024

      Awesome game! I'm playing around with it, and it seems I can't figure out how to make the other Pokémon's battle animation pop up. Every time I pick a different Starter and try to attack Samurots attack animation pops up. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    2. traanster March 7, 2024

      Thank you SO much for this!!! This is such an awesome game, and I hope you can understand how in AWE I am of you making this!!!
      Just a question - when the time runs out and the students' pokemon faints, the question doesn't disappear and the "Pokemon has fainted" text just covers it - any idea on how to fix this?
      Thank you so much once again!!

    3. Joseph1996 March 7, 2024

      @ae1313 I'll check if maybe I did something wrong and forgot to hyperlink, but with any of the pokemon, what you have to do is click on their health bar on the right side of the screen to "attack"

      @traanster Aaaaaaaaah, thank you so much! I didn't take that into account! I will get started on patching it up

    4. traanster March 9, 2024

      Thank you for the patch!!

    5. ae1313 March 12, 2024

      Thank you for the patch and I managed to fix it! Everytime I was attacking Samurot would pop up with his attack lol. wrong hyperlinks no biggie!

    6. OmniBligh March 12, 2024

      This game is fantastic! I'm going to use it at our end of year English party, thank you so much for making this! It's incredible

    7. SittingInTheCorner March 14, 2024

      this is very cool, great work!

    8. jiggswalsh March 14, 2024

      This is really cool. I love what you are doing with this. Just a suggestion for when you next build one of these, if you squash the textbox at the bottom or split it into two sections (one for battle updates and one for the question) it makes it much easier for others to edit (as the text isn't stacked on top of other text). Also, I am a fan of a dedicated "back" button for these types of games so that it is super clear how to get back to the question select slide (thinking of other ALTopedia users). Also, just a suggestion to make it easier for you to make this stuff, if you stack HP bars and delay the animations at intervals then you can reduce the number of slides to 1 per pokemon (from 26 slides per enemy to 6). I love that you want the students to have different pokemon though and have them each viewable on the battle screen! That is going the extra mile!

    9. jiggswalsh March 14, 2024

      Also, the HP bars don't line up on my version of PowerPoint. This is an issue I have had in the past too... I don't have a fix sorry,... Keep up the PowerPointing! I love your work!

    10. Joseph1996 March 16, 2024

      @jiggswalsh Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I actually was wondering how I could fine-tune it so that I wouldnt need so many slides. Since the HP going down thing is on a timer, I wasn't sure how to pause the animation or if clicking the HP bar to trigger a new set of animations would overwrite the previous animations. I'll have to mess around with that!

      And aaaah they don't line up? I wonder if there's a way to lock objects in place 🤔

    11. Meschica April 11, 2024

      This is great! Ive been trying to edit this but everytime i click the question textbook and edit, it duplicates "your question here" no matter if Imove it or just replace it without moving it from the stack. So then when I put it in slideshow mode it only shows "your question here." The instruction says to Click on the "Question-x" , not sure what that means. Is there any work around with this? thanks!

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