New Crown 3 - Grammar Review USE English

Get the students engaged and actively using English! Great for reviewing taught grammar!

Submitted by nachonaz

December 4, 2020

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Aimed at students with a lower English ability.
Speaking / Writing focus
Grammar focus: Can you, Do you want to, Which do you like better, Would you rather, Have you ever

  1. Students check the 5 sets being used in Japanese
  2. Repeat after the ALT (also check meanings, especially for Set 4 and Set 5 grammar)
  3. Students have 3 minutes to check off what applies to them
  4. ALT and OTE demonstrate - each take turns asking questions
  5. Students ask their partner or small group 3-5 mins
  6. Students write questions to their ALT using the same grammar points
  7. Students begin thinking about what Japanese culture they would like to introduce to their ALT.

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