Say Something A.K.A. 2 line game

A warm-up activity where kids line up in 2 long lines. No materials needed. they race each other to say who can say a word faster.

After greetings, have all the kids line up in two lines on either side of the class. you can divide the class in half by student number or by where they are seated or by boys vs girl (which tends to be the most popular).

I have done this activity for many years and it tends to be outrageously popular.

Each team chooses a team name. then the rules.
1. The first person in line gets to speak, all others are silent. Any hints from the other students results in -2 points for the team.

  1. Say a word related to a particular topic. the same words may not be used again by students even for a different topic. I tend to use adjectives for lower level grades (or people)

Teacher: "Say something. . . . . . . Green!"
Student : "Leaf"

  1. The kids try to say something green asap. They don't need to raise their hands. Whoever says something green first wins a point and they both sit down.

  2. The next kid in line comes to the front. so on and so forth.
    Teacher: "Say something . . . tall" Student 1 and 2: "Tokyo Sky tree"
    The same answer at the same time or two different answers at the same time but both correct get a point each.

Tall, Heavy, long, small, big, hot, delicious, spicy, sweet, bitter, red, pink, yellow, clear, cute.
Almost any adjective is good. Nouns may also be used, such as

"Say something . . . Baseball!"
"Bat" "Ball" "Pitcher" "Batting" etc

"Say something . . . school!"
"Eraser" "teacher" "blackboard" etc

higher level kids: review questions such as
- what is your name?
- when is your birthday?
- where do you want to go/visit?
- How many _______ in this room?
- where is the toilet?
- who is beautiful?

on the blackboard. Write a letter. "Say something . . . M" "Monkey"
Spell "Dictionary" "D - I - C - T. . . "
as more and more kids sit down, the questions get harder.

Submitted by Creag_Sapporo March 19, 2021 Estimated time: 5-10 mins

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