Start of class (Aisatsu) cards

Cards to use for the start of class at elementary school. The Japanese teachers usually have some idea of how to do the start of class aisatsu, but these cards help a lot.

Submitted by japanalt

May 12, 2022

Estimated time: 5 minutes

At elementary school, English class always starts with greetings and some basic questions. The Japanese teachers don't have any guidance on how to do this, so it varies widely between classes even at the same school. These cards are designed to help structure these greetings, and to make it easier and more visually appealing.

The cards are double sided with a question on one side that you show the class, and a guide on the back that you can read. They're very simple, but I've found that they help tremendously. They also have illustrations relevant to the current question, which gives the teachers things to point to visually.

Print and laminate these at your school, make sets for every class, give them to your teachers. There are also individual cards for months and weekdays.

Download here:


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