Kahoot - Colour Kingdoms 🚩🏰

A fun and informative way to show students how to play Kahoot's Colour Kingdoms

For more detailed instructions on how to play/explain this to the students, please take a look at "NOTES" in the PPT file.

Here are some Kahoot Games I've made specifically for this:


  • I highly recommend making 50 really easy questions to balance out the difficult questions for the low level students and also to make the game progress faster

  • While students are playing, keep a close look at the monitor to see which team is ahead or falling behind, shout out encouraging things to keep the class energy up. For example, "Team Ocean, you can do it!" "Team Fire, I believe in you", "Team _____, just a little bit more!", etc.

  • If there's a team that obviously has the upper hand (i.e. with a lot more smarter kids), walk around and assist the struggling kids in the "weaker" team.
    Note: you can tell which students is in which team by looking at the bottom left hand corner of their screen.

  • I recommend playing the game in Japanese because the English used during the game is quite difficult for them to understand

Things to note when making Kahoot Qs:

  • You can only make a maximum of 100 questions

  • You can only make multiple choice questions, other question types won't work

  • Bolding the word/number in the question block won't appear properly on the student's tablet/computer

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • [HowTo] Kahoot Colour Kingdoms.pptx (9.64 MB)
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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu May 24, 2023 Estimated time: Recommended 5-10 mins (5-7 mins is more than enough)
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      I love the dog pictures

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