Kahoot! Infinitive (general)

It is important to learn about AI

My JH2年生 students love Kahoot, they can do it all day. So I try make Kahoot games for them as often as I can. It's great for warm up to get the students excited for the lesson. Or in the middle to keep them fresh. Or even at the end of a class, to end it on a good note! You can use it while reviewing this grammar in the text book, or at any random time during the year when your JTE needs you to fill in some time with your own activity.

You can play this Kahoot solo to test it out, or play it with your students by pressing the blue START button on the left panel. Timer is set to 20-30 seconds per question, the questions slowly get harder with some random double points

-Once you hit START, the Game PIN will show up
-Your students must access and enter this Game PIN
-NOTE The PIN won't work if entered with the japanese 漢字 keyboard, must be English Romaji)
-Then students enter a nickname and enter the lobby/waiting screen

You can see how many students have joined the lobby on your side, and then hit start for everyone in the lobby to be sent to the answer page.
P.S 80% of the stuff I make for my JHS students is also exciting for my Adult Eikaiwa students, so feel free to use this with them too!

Submitted by TheBlueStuff September 22, 2023 Estimated time: 6-15min
  1. MrMomotaro September 25, 2023

    Nice job making this Kahoot. Just a heads up, the title of the Kahoot is NH1 when it should be NH2, as this is grammar for 2nd year. It's not a content issue, but might be a bit confusing upon first inspection!

  2. MrRedApple1 January 26, 2024

    The last question requires players to select "Yes it is" to get the correct answer, but there isn't really anything wrong with "Yes" by itself. Also, the question where you have to choose between "It is nice to say 'arigatou' when someone helps you" and "It is nice to say 'thank you' when someone helps you" is confusing.

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