This is my favorite place

This is an easy quiz to jog students memory on the English words they had previously learnt.

Let's Try 2 - Unit 8 - This is my favorite place focuses on locations and rooms inside/outside of school.

This PowerPoint presentation can be used as memory practice.

Students must first be aware of the names of the locations inside and outside of the school to be able to participate in this exercise.

Its best to use as a warm up or refresher for 2nd or 3rd lessons.

The foreign language teacher will ask the students "where is this?"

The capture picture gives the students hints and is supposed to jog students memory on the English words for locations in the school they had previously practiced.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Grade 4 - School rooms quiz.pptx (5.48 MB)
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    Submitted by tami101 January 11, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes
    1. jcast26 January 11, 2024

      "This is fantastic! I wish I'd stumbled upon it sooner."

      Instead of real photos, I used an illustration for the one I made.

      I read the Japanese teacher's lesson plan. The plan indicates "What's this?" and "What room?" questions because "Where" won't be introduced until 5th grade. Most students haven't learned it yet, although advanced learners might have encountered it at cram school or other English schools.

    2. tami101 January 12, 2024

      @jcast26 I appreciate it. I've had this for years (along with others that I'll be uploading soon) but I just recently edited and decided to upload. Thanks for the suggestions also. I like to push my students so I'll ask 'where' and if they don't understand then I'll say 'どこ'

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