Splatoon - Sniper Shot ᔦꙬᔨ

A simple game where students try to figure out what the word, picture, or sentence is by looking through a sniper scope.

How to Play (TL;DR):

(For a more detailed explanation, please look at NOTES in the PPTX file)
- Together as a class (or in groups), they must pay close attention to what’s being shown on the screen
- [OPTIONAL] If there’s a worksheet, before revealing the answer, students must write the answer down
- Show answer and students repeat the target sentence (and question) after you
- Rinse&repeat


  • This activity was inspired by OmniBligh’s Spotlight Challenge
  • To adjust the difficulty to how you want it, you can modify the scope’s animation, size, and duration (speed)
  • To make it more fun/challenging you can pixelate the picture, I use this site:
  • Can be used as a warmup or to review pretty much anything you want, you can take a look at the PPT notes for ideas
  • This activity works great for counting things/guess the picture
  • I used Canva to edit the video
Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Splatoon - Sniper Shot.pptx (24.6 MB)
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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu April 1, 2024 Estimated time: 10 mins~
    1. akitaallt April 2, 2024

      This looks amazing! I LOVE the video. I think this would be too easy for my SHS kids. Maybe add ES or JHS tags! It's sometimes tricky to find it otherwise

    2. unoplusunoistu April 2, 2024

      @akitaallt Thank you :')
      No worries, I just added the tags!

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