A game in which the teacher says a word or phrase and students race to slap the correct card.

Submitted by Englipedia Classics

July 11, 2018

Estimated time: 15-50 min

**Originally submitted by: Nicholas Hallsworth, Kirsten Phillips and Simon Kelly
After teaching the target vocabulary, break the students into groups and give each group a set of cards representing the target vocabulary. After the ALT says, "Ready," everyone has to say, "Yes," and listen for the word. This is especially good for extra rowdy groups.
Say words at random and let the students try to be the first to slap the correct card. The first student to slap the correct card receives it. Watch out for those high-speed hand-slapping students, otesuki. To correct this problem, only allow one slap per student.
If more than one student has their hand on a card, the usual rule is that the bottom hand wins. Play Janken to resolve disputes.
Have everyone count their cards at the end and praise the winners.


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