Pokemon Unit Review Activity

A great unit review game for any elementary grade level.

Submitted by HeyItsMori

March 4, 2022

Inspired by: Pokemon Classroom Blast

Estimated time: 30-45minutes

This template is from Lucasmh and I just added my own twist so all credits go to him and his amazing designs.

How to play:
- I usually review the students on the type of questions that will come out.
- Divide the class into six teams and make the team leader do Janken to determine who goes first.
- The leaders will then choose one Pokemon card to reveal their Pokemon which will then be their team name.
- Each team will start with 5 points or more.
- The starting team will choose one Pokeball and answer the question correctly. If they can't answer, other teams can answer and get the points.
- The team with the most points win the game.

- To get back to the main page after each question, click on the image of Ash at the bottom left side of the screen.
- After finishing all the questions, click on the image of Ash on the 4th slide to go to the last slide and announce the winner.
- On the last slide, click on the winning team's Pokemon icon and a trophy will appear.

- There's a template in which you can edit all the questions and answers and a file which I used for reviewing the 4th graders (Let's Try! 2 book)
- Also adding a file containing the Pokemon's icons which I printed so I don't get confused with the teams. I printed 2 of each Pokemon. 1 is given to the teams which they will hold while answering the questions and I put the other one on the board for the pointing system.

  • Grade 4 Let's Try 2 - Pokemon Unit Review Game.pptx (11.9 MB)
  • Pokemon Game Review Icons.docx (193 KB)
  • Pokemon Unit Review Game - Template.pptx (10.1 MB)
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    1. Lucasmh March 7, 2022

      The ending trophy is a nice touch. I did something similar when I made my own Invade the USA game

    2. HeyItsMori March 9, 2022

      @Lucasmh, thank you! All credit goes to you. I check the Invade the USA game I look forward to making something similar to that. That was super cool!

    3. wyxhime March 16, 2022

      i like the idea of using pokemons for group names ! ^_^ im gonna have to add a few more though cause my classes always use their lunch groups hahaha

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