Group trivia game activity (Who/What/Which)

A group based trivia activity that includes many fun trivias and questions from the book. (Blue Sky 3 - Target 14)

Concentration: listening, writing, and reading practice.
Materials required: whiteboards and markers. (Stickers or prizes are only optional.)

Step-by-step process:

  • Start by making groups of 6 and handing out 1 whiteboard and 1 marker to each group.
  • Use slides 2 to 5 to explain the instructions and how they will win or get points.
  • Each question slide has a built-in timer and a sound horn. Once the sound notification beeps, students are required to raise their boards and show their answers.
  • Depending on the teacher or ALT, the students can write the full sentence or just the answer choices.
  • One click can reveal the answers, becareful in clicking towards the next time.
  • The questions vary from similar book examples, to fun trivia facts about famous people and silly animal facts.
  • If the game is prize-incentivized, one teacher must be in charge of the points system.

Layout question example:

Penguins -> are birds which -> can't fly
Chickens -> are birds which -> can fly
Parrots -> are birds which -> can swim

Enjoy and have fun teaching! - Arannasensei

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Trivia game 3.pptx (11.7 MB)
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    Submitted by Arannasensei May 29, 2023 Estimated time: 30 to 40 minutes~
    1. Nisemono May 30, 2023

      This is nice! I think slide 9 and 10's answers may need to be swapped to "helps" and "goes". Ill probably use this today for my special support class! thank you for sharing!

    2. Arannasensei September 12, 2023

      Ohhh thank you! I must've uploaded the outdated one!

    3. ohnoko September 25, 2023

      Fun looking activity!
      I'm curious as to why some of the answers are conjugated correctly, while others aren't though? (i.e. Slide 8 "This is a restaurant that serves curry." has the proper conjugation 'serves,' but Slide 9 "This is a dog that help people" the students will need to change 'help' to 'helps')

      Do you have the students try to find the conjugation mistakes and correct them for extra points?

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